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Related post: Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 01:24:56 -0500 From: Sidney Gittler Subject: Ray's RevengeRay's Revenge by Sid Gittler with a whole lot of help from Cody, Justin and Arne. Sam Charger slid his ID card through the slot at the entrance of Philistine Estates. As he waited for the massive iron gates to slide back he flipped open the center console in his 2000 Jaguar XJ-16 and flipped on the monitor and pushed the infrared scan button. It took three seconds for the camera to freeze in a room labeled "Ray's bedroom." There were two figures which angered Sam until he remembered Hank was coming over to tutor his thirteen-year-old adopted son in math after school. He was usually gone by the time Sam got home but they were still going at it. "Wait a minute," Sam said as he came to a stop sign and took a closer look. "What the hell's going on there?" Racing through the secluded streets he quickly pulled into his driveway and dashed out of the car. The front door opened to his voice command and he raced up the center steps and turned left at the top. His son's door was open. "Yeah, do it faggot, suck my cock." Sam recognized Hank's voice and began to take his belt off. "Oh yeah, it's time, oh yeah I'm cumming." Sam entered the room and saw Hank standing over Ray and shooting his sperm all over the younger boy's face. "Daddy, it's not my fault," Ray screamed in terror. Hank was still coming down from his orgasmic high when he felt the belt around his throat, felt it quickly tighten and begin choking him. Hank screamed and clawed at the belt but at 6'4" and 250 muscled pounds Sam towered over the fifteen year old and kept tightening the belt, lifting him off the ground until the boy went limp. Twenty seconds later Sam dropped the end of the belt and the twitching boy dropped to the floor. Ray looked up at his father, fear building in his eyes. "Oh daddy, it was horrible, we were studying and I asked him if he wanted anything and he said he wanted a blowjob. I told him no but he pushed me down, ripped my shorts off and pulled his cock out and forced it into my mouth. I didn't have a choice." Sam opened his arms and Ray jumped into them. The father kissed his son's forehead. "I believe you Ray, you've always nymphet fuck done what I've told you." "Thank you sir," Ray said, but with a different timbre. "Do you think you are ready to begin your training?" A huge smile flashed across the young boys face as his father, lover, master looked down at his hairless body. "Yes sir." "Then let's get this piece of shit downstairs." Hank began to stir but a quick kick to the back of his head rendered him unconscious again. nymphet illegal baby Sam removed the belt from around the blond's neck and quickly tied Hank's hands behind his back. "Should I dress Master?" Ray asked as Sam hoisted Hank over his shoulder. "No, I have your new clothes in the dungeon." Ray glowed with pride as he followed Sam down the back steps that led from the bedrooms to the sub-basement. His hard, uncut nymphet illegal photos four inches pointing the way. For the last four years he had been the slave. The role came naturally to him from his four years at the whorehouse which had sold him to Sam. But then he would have done anything for the man who had given him the chance for a normal life. And now the three time winner of the "trainer-of-the-year" grand prize at New York City's most secret S&M club was going to teach him how to be a master. "Turn the lights peteen nymphets on boy," Sam said as they reached the bottom of the steps. Ray squeezed by and flipped on a series of bright lights. Sam dropped Hank on the floor. "Strip him." It took Ray about two minutes to carefully remove the clothes from the still limp body. "Good, to start we're going to hang him on the X-frame. I'll hold him in place and you strap him on starting with his wrists." "Yes Master," Ray said. Sam let Hank hang from his wrists when Ray moved to his ankles. By the time the boy was finished Sam was back with various objects. "Skip the blindfold, insert the small butt plug and then the cock ring as close to his groin and as tight as you can get it." "Yes Master," Ray said as his father headed to a small room off the chamber. When he returned ten minutes later he was smiling and carrying a large box. "Trainee, did you do as instructed." "Yes Master." "No, you went a step further than instructed," Sam said tugging at the chain connecting the tit clamps that were almost drawing blood from Hank's nipples. Ray knelt, "forgive me Master." "Rise trainee, this time you are forgiven. From now on do as instructed, no more, and no less." "Thank you Master," Ray said as he rose. "Try these on son, I had them made especially for you." Ray opened the box and pulled out the items. He gently stroked the leather and buried his nose and inhaled deeply. Then slowly slipped on the skintight shorts, the vest and the calf-high leather boots. There were holes in the back of the shorts over each butt cheek and three snaps were all that contained his hard cock. When he was done he stood at attention so his father could inspect him. Sam adjusted the vest slightly and fondled Ray's hard cock through the shorts. "What the fuck? You fucking bastards, get me the hell down or I'll rape your queer asses," a newly conscious Hank screamed. A scream that was cut short by two slaps across his face. "Look you piece of shit, you're the one in trouble here. You will be punished for what you did," Sam said and Hank replied with a long string of obscenities. "Put the ball gag in and tie it securely. I am tired of hearing this thing's noise." "Yes Master," Ray said. After he was finished Ray stepped back to let his master check. Sam motioned him over. "I told you to tie it securely, not so tight he's going to choke when we start," Sam made an adjustment. "See what I mean? Now bend over." "Yes Master," Ray said and bent over, hands on his knees. The crop fell sharply against his rear, but he didn't move. Years of practice allowed him to take twenty hard swats without flinching. "First thing, as you well know, slaves are little boys and little boys don't have any body hair," Sam said. Ray grinned and went to the sink and picked up the razor and put a new blade in it. He always liked it when his dad shaved him, not that he needed much even since reaching puberty. He also loved the way it felt. Ray sprayed the shaving cream in Hank's pits. Hank squirmed, the first signs of real panic entering his eyes. "Now don't move or you'll get cut, and cut in some embarrassing places," Ray said as he covered Hank's groin. Ray carefully shaved the nude hot nymphets new trainee until the only hair left on Hank's body was the blond mop on top of his head. Sam checks Ray's work and nods at his son. Then he takes a straight razor out of his back pocket and slowly opens it in front of Hank's eyes. "Boy, I'm going to take that stubble off. You move and you'll be talking like a girl." Hank nods desperately. When he's finished he pat Hank's cheek. naughty nymphet model "Good boy, now we're going to start with caning. Now where do we cane trainee?" "Only the ass Master, because of the damage a cane can do," Ray said as he stood at attention. "Very good, now can you do a good caning the way it's tied now?" Ray walked around to his tutor's rear and examined it's position in relation to the X. "I can hit it but not with a full swing Master." "How do we rectify the situation trainee?" "Release his legs and raise the bottom of the X-frame to give a clearer shot?" Ray said. The crop came photo nymphet down on his exposed left cheek. "What is wrong with that trainee?" Sam shouted. Ray thought, "If his young nymphet nudes legs are free he can swing and kick us. So I'll have to rechain them to a weight to keep them in place." "Very good, proceed." First Ray raised the X-frame another six-inches and then dragged a fifty pound weight over. He grabbed a pair of handcuffs and snapped one cuff around Hank's left ankle and secured it before he released the restraint that held it to the X-frame. As his father had warned Hank started thrashing the foot around but Ray ignored it and rapidly cuffed it to the other ankle. Then he took the chain from the weight and hooked it's three snaps to each cuff and the connecting chain. Only then did he release Hank's left ankle. There was still some slack in the chain so Hank continued to move around. Ray knew he could raise the chain some more but that would put it too high for him. He scratched his disheveled black hair for a minute, then smiled. Crouching low to the ground he pushed the weight forward till the chain was taut. He picked up the cane and stepped behind the terrified Hank. The nymphets fashion twitching ass was fully exposed and at the perfect height for the uppercut swing his baseball coach was always complaining about. "Proceed," Sam said. Hank was staring at the ceiling, his breaths coming in short, rapid pants. Suddenly he saw himself in a mirror hanging from the ceiling, and beneath him Ray grasping the cane in two hands. For both boys the first swing seemed to happen in slow motion. Ray looked hot nymphets tgp at his target, wanting his first ever swing of the cane to land true against the slave's ass. He gripped the cane firmly with both hands and got into his batting stance. Holding his head still, imagining the still white cheeks as a giant baseball he went into his swing. Ray felt his knees bend slightly as his arms headed upwards to meet the twin globes. Hank stared bewilderedly at the mirror. Still not believing what was happening to him. Everybody at school knew Ray was queer, he'd sexy nymphet hotties come out the beginning of the year, and that all faggots wanted to do was have sex. And always dressing in those tight Umbro soccer shorts that left nothing to the imagination. And now Ray was wearing this leather outfit and beginning to swing that cane. Those muscular arms bringing the cane back and now forward in the same swing that had led their Babe Ruth League in home runs. WACK Hank's butt moved upwards as fast and hard as it could until the chains began to bring him back down. Right before he stopped moving. WACK. Ray felt his cock spasm with each WACK Hearing Hank scream despite the ball gag, screaming louder with each WACK. The red lines appearing with each WACK across Hank's ass. Each WACK crossing an earlier one. WACK, WACK, WACK. And with the tenth WACK Ray's body experienced one if it's greatest orgasms ever. He screamed almost as loud as Hank had been and dropped the cane. He found himself sitting on the floor leaning against his father. Hank's body lowered and hanging straight and limp. "You OK son?" Sam asked. "That was great. The feeling, the power, the sexual high. Is that what you feel dad?" Sam laughed and tussled Ray's sweaty hair. "Well it takes me a bit longer nowadays, and I need a more experienced slave, but yes. "Now rest a minute and think what you want to do next. I'm going to call his parents and see about his staying for supper." "Dad, we don't have school tomorrow because of a teacher's workshop." "Tomorrow's Friday, then the weekend. I'll see what I can work out." Ten minutes later Sam returned and walked right up to Hank. "Can you hear me you piece of shit?" Hank opened his eyes and rapidly nodded. "Good, I just got off the phone with your dad. Did you know your parents were going away for the weekend starting tomorrow." A nod. Then realization struck Hank who started shaking his head even faster than before. "Oh yes, they were so thrilled I was willing to have you stay here instead of them leaving you home alone. I even told them I had clothes your size that belonged to my nephew. Not that you'll be wearing any clothes. Aren't you happy slave?" Hank shook his head. Begging noises came from around the gag. Sam slapped Hank's face and asked the question again. This time Sam nodded. "You mean it dad? We can keep him till Sunday night." Ray was jumping up and down until the crop came down on his right cheek. "Actually, till it's time for the two of you to go to school Monday morning." "Very good Master. Will we have broken him by then?" "Long before then son. Have you decided what your next step is?" Sam said. "I thought we'd attach some weights to the tit clamps, then put weights on his balls to lower them. I think they ride way to high," Ray said. "Good, continue." "Then the balls-bander." "Excellent, how tight?" "I don't want to castrate him, say start with two turns and then move up to four before bed." "Proceed, use quarter pound weights on each tit and a pound on his balls. We'll increase those as well as he earns it. But the bander has to wait till later, maybe even tomorrow, it's too dangerous to do both together." Sam cracked the crop right above Hank's newly shaven groin. "You do want to become a good slave." Hank sobbed, then nodded. "You see trainee, he's halfway there already." "Yes Master," Ray said. Ray walked over to the bench and carefully picked out what he needed. Part of his responsibilities as a slave was making sure everything was clean and in its place after each use. He carried two of the quarter pound weights back to where Hank hung and quickly clamped one to each of the tit clamps. Blood immediately started flowing from each nipple but Ray just walked away, paying no attention to the stifled sounds emanating from his slave. On his second trip Ray raised Hank's rigid cock and slipped the noose around the hanging boy's balls and tightened them. After letting go of the cock he raised the weight and held it. "Hank, you make one sound and it'll be another ten lashes with the cane. Do you understand me?" Hank nodded. Ray pulled the weight up as high as it would go and then let it go. It crashed into the slave's cock, nuts and groin before pulling the nuts straight down hard. By the time Ray stepped back Hank had passed out and was convulsing. Sam quickly checked the boy and gave his son a reassuring smile. "He's fine, let's have supper." "Yes Master," Ray said with relief. He understood the first-timer passing out, but the shaking had scared him. He didn't want his slave permanently damaged, even if the cute blond had sodomized him. Following the rules father and son stripped out of their leathers before heading upstairs. Sam put his clothes back on but Ray raced buck naked up the stairs to his room. He put his school books away and put on a clean pair of Umbro shorts. Once he was home a tight pair of the soccer shorts were the only things his master allowed him to wear. Of course that was more clothes than he had worn during his four years as a prostitute in the whorehouse his drug addict prostitute mother had sold him to. Of course she had been selling his body before then and his living conditions had actually improved. litle nymphets He serviced countless men, acted in dozens of movies and photo shoots with men and other boys from the house before Sam purchased him. Ray rubbed his cock as he remembered the first time Sam had purchased his services, the big hand coming down on his bare ass, the big cock stretching his well used ass. "Ray, supper," Sam called bringing the boy out of his memories and rapidly down the stairs. In addition to his other talents Sam was a gourmet chef, but because he didn't want to leave the new slave alone too long he had broiled two steaks smothered in onions and garlic and accompanied by roasted peppers and mashed potatoes. "What stinks?" Ray asked wrinkling his nose as he entered the kitchen. "Sorry, we're eating in the dining room," Sam said turning on the exhaust fan, "that's it's supper." "Gross, what is it?" Ray said as he took his plate into the other room. "Creamed hot dogs." "You've made that before and it never smelt like that dad." "Well, this is a different kind of cream. You know all that cum I had you do into plastic bags?" Sam said. "Yes, you saved it?" Ray said almost choking, "You're feeding it to him? That's totally gross, cool. But why did you save it?" Ray thought he saw his father blush, a first. Sam put his silverware down, took a sip of his wine and sat back in his chair. "In case of accident." "What do nymphets schoolgirls nudes you mean?" "Son, you know how dangerous some of nasty nymphettes the things we've done are. The bander and other things could have castrated you or otherwise left you impotent. I didn't want you to lose the chance to have your own children. So as long as you were my slave I saved up samples of your semen so you would be able to have children." Ray stared at his father as he thought this through. "Are you saying I'm no longer your slave?" "Yes son." "Why? I like being a slave." Sam got up and sat in the chair next to Ray, took his hand and kissed him gently on the forehead. "I know you do son, and you're one of the best slaves I've ever had. But all the men in our family have started out as slaves and progressed to being masters. The Charger name is legendary in the sadomasochistic world for our talents. It is time for you to begin your training to continue our tradition." Sam noticed Ray was unconsciously rubbing his ass and smiled. "That does not mean we will no longer have sex, that I will no longer spank your cute little ass and balls. Ray smiled at his father, "good, I'm not ready to give all that up Master, dad." "Neither am I son," Sam said and kissed the boy on his lips. "Now let's finish supper and get back to our guest." By the time Sam got back to his chair Ray was laughing hysterically." Twenty minutes later they were back in their leathers and Ray carried the dog dish into the dungeon. "We brought you supper boy. After I lower you I'm going to take the gag out and release your right hand so you can eat like a person and not a dog. nymphets pedo bbs Misbehave or scream and you'll lose that privilege. What you don't finish you'll have for breakfast. Understand?" Ray repeated the speech his father had taught him upstairs. Hank nodded, the hunger in his belly overcoming the stench coming from the plate. He watched Ray place the bowl on the floor near his right arm and then step behind him. His knees buckled as he hit the ground. He gasped for air as the ball gag was removed, continuing to take deep breaths as Ray unhooked the chain from the X-frame. Ray patted Hank on the head. "Good boy, now eat." Hank pulled the bowl closer, took a look and then put his hand in it. For a moment he thought the chunks of meat in the cream sauce were pieces of shit but realized they were pieces of hot dogs after he touched one. He scooped up a handful and ate it. It tasted funny but then he wasn't sure what was real any more, if they were poisoning him he didn't care. He continued eating till the bowl was almost empty. "Water, please can I have some water?" "Finish your supper and then I'll put water in the bowl," Ray said. Hank licked the bowl as clean as he could and then lifted it toward Ray. Ray kept his word and put the bowl on the floor before Hank. "You do as you're told and you will be rewarded," Ray said. Hank quickly realized he couldn't pick up the bowl to drink so he bent over it and lapped it up. Halfway through he turned again to his schoolmate. "I'm sorry Ray, I shouldn't have forced you. Please forgive me and let me go." "I can't let you go boy. We told your parents that you're staying here till school on Monday. Now do you think your masters are liars?" "No, I'll stay here, you can fuck my mouth and ass, just stop the torture. Please stop it," Hank was crying. Ray looked down at the mop of blond hair and felt nothing. He knew he should feel some sympathy, what Hank did to him wasn't all that bad. He had been forced a lot worse when he was a lot younger after all. But he was enjoying himself, learning to fill his role and that was all that mattered. "Boy, we will fuck you when we want, we will do to you what we want and there's not one damn thing you can do about it. But I promise you this, you will be in school Monday morning." "Ray," Hank started but the young teen slapped both sides of his face. "My name is Sir and you will call my father Master." "Forgive me Sir, Master. Let me go and I swear I won't tell anybody what happened." Sam bent down and threw the rest of the water in Hank's face and then grabbed a handful of hair. "Can you hear me boy?" "Yes." Sam slapped him, "what was that?" "Yes Master." "I know you will never tell because I have video of you soliciting and then raping my son." Hank's eyes darted to Ray who nodded and then back to Sam who smiled and the life went out of Hank's eyes. "I am yours to command Master," Hank said listlessly. Ray chained Hank's right hand back onto the X-frame and pulled him back off the floor before going back to the work bench. "For being a good boy I'm going to add a second pound to your balls now," Ray said as he snapped it on. Hank's unmuzzled scream echoed around the room as the extra weight began to take its toll. Ray picked up the cane and wacked Hank's ass twice. "I told you what will happen if you scream boy." Two more wacks slapped against bare skin. "I'm going to keep caning you until you're quiet." Two more wacks. "Please sir, stop, I'll be good, I'll be quiet, just please stop sir," Hank said through the tears. The sound of the swinging cane punctuated the air and Hank tensed. Then silence. The next sound was the cane bouncing on the ground. Ray walked around and stroked Hank's cock. "That's for following orders and saying it properly," Ray said as he continued stroking the bound cock. "Next we're going to insert a vibrator into your fucking ass boy. You want that, don't you boy?" Ray felt his own cock straining against his shorts as the older boy slowly nodded. As he waited Hank realized that in the moments between learning about the tape and the caning he had accepted his new role. That he had known exactly what to say to get Sir to stop. And he wanted the vibrator, he wanted more weight on his balls if that's what Master and Sir wanted. Hank heard Ray walk up behind him, then a sudden emptiness in his gut, an emptiness he hated. Then in seconds the gap was filled, filled with an even larger object than before. He saw the younger boy who now owned him step around with a cord in his hand. Ray raised it till he knew Hank could see it and flicked the switch that activated the studded vibrator. "Oh yes Sir, that feels so good," Hank said. Ray flicked the switch to the next setting and Hank threw back his head and sighed. Ray turned to his father. Sam was smiling which further confused the young trainee. "Dad, I don't understand," he said softly. Quickly Sam's crop struck his son's left cheek. "Don't whine." "I wasn't whining. I didn't want him to hear me, why does he seem happy?" Sam threw back his had and laughed. This infuriated the boy even more but he knew better than to strike back at his father. He just stared up at him, trying not to let his frustration show. "Sorry Ray, I thought you'd understand automatically. You won, you've cracked him. Up to now we've been as bad as he was. Now, now he wants us to do whatever we want." "He likes the vibrator?" "When you pulled the butt plug out I saw the emptiness in his eyes, an emptiness replaced by joy when you put the vibrator in. Put another pound on and he'll thank you. Stick your cock down his throat and he'll smile." Ray smiled and went to the bench and got a three pound weight. In a flash he removed the two one pounders and let the third one fall, dragging Hank's balls even lower. "Thank you Sir," Hank said unprompted. "You are going to suck my cock boy." "Yes sir." Ray climbed onto a platform and straddled Hank's face. "Beg for it boy." "Sir, please I want to, need to suck your cock. Drink your sperm. Please Sir, I beg you." "Do you really want it?" Hank smiled, "yes Sir." Ray starts grinding his hips in Hank's face. The new slave stuck his tongue out and licked the leather shorts containing his prize. Ray removes his little young nymphette vest and runs it over Hank's face, he's really getting into it. "Lick my sweat boy." Hank stretched his neck as far as he could and licked the inside of the vest. Sam was looking up, his own ten-inch monster in his hand and hoping that the video cameras were getting the action. Finally Ray ripped the vest away and thrust his still leather clad cock into Hank's face. Hank started licking it and tried getting the snaps with his teeth. "Not yet slave," Ray said as he slapped Hank's face. Instinctively Hank lowered his head. "Sorry Sir." "Raise your head slave." Hank's eyes met Ray's. Ray saw the need in Hank's eyes and smiled as he slowly undid the three snaps. He rubbed the tip of his cock over Hank's lips. Hank hungrily licked his first cock. Finally understanding what he really wanted in sex. Ray took a step back and Hank leaned as far as the chains would let him. "Now," Ray said and walked forward and stuck his hard four inches as far into Hank's mouth as he could." For a second Hank gagged and Ray was afraid he'd be wearing his old sperm but the first- time cocksucker pulled back an inch and quickly recovered. Ray ran his my top 100 nymphets fingers through the golden hair and heard purring noises from around his cock. "You know what to do." Hank began moving his head back and forth as much as he could. Ray wanted to make it last but lost control and started guiding Hank's head faster and faster. "Oh yeah boy, you've got a hot mouth, suck my cock like your life depends on it." Hank started running his tongue around Ray's cock as he bobbed his head. The free flowing precum flowed along his tongue and down his throat. "Get ready to taste your first load," Ray shouted and came into Hank's willing mouth. Cumming in hard fast shots that quickly filled and overflowed the boy's mouth before he could start swallowing it. When he finally finished shooting Ray pulled out and wiped himself clean on Hank's face before putting his cock away and putting the vest back on. He looked into Hank's pleading eyes and free nude nymphets smiled. "Good slave," Ray said and dropped to the floor. He walked over to his father and kneeled in front of him. "Thank you master, for accepting me as your apprentice. I hope I have pleased you incest nymphet cartoons today." In rapid-fire succession the crop cracked down on his back three times. "You have done well my son, you will make a fine master one day." "Thank you my master." "Now your new slave has had enough for one day. It is time to let him rest." "He has earned it," Ray said. "Where shall he sleep?" The thought of Hank sleeping on the floor at the foot of his bed crossed his mind, but the boy hadn't earned russian pre nymphets that yet. Nor could he be sure Hank was truly broken and trustworthy. He looked around the room and saw the bull rider, quickly deciding Hank wasn't ready to spend the night on it. Beside it was the rack, he pointed and Sam nodded, then held up seven fingers. Ray went to the bench and picked up a seven inch dildo and secured it in the center of the rack. He then examined the complete mechanism to make sure it was working safely. The first thing his father had taught him was that bondage, discipline and torture was serious business. Done carelessly or, even worse, deliberately wrong, could permanently injure or even kill the slave. So make sure everything was properly clean and in good working order before using it. When he was finished Sam came over and double-checked his work. "Good boy, I know you've done this before but I wanted little pretty nymphets to make sure you didn't get careless with all the excitement. top child nymphet asian Now bring him over." Ray nodded and walked over. He lowered the X-frame and released Hank's ankles. "I am going to release your arms now. If you can't stand then you will fall till you can rise." "Yes Sir," Hank said. "You will walk over to Master. You will be punished severely for any misbehavior." "I will obey Sir." Ten seconds later Hank was free, and sprawled on the floor. Ray looked at his father who shook his head. "Move your legs and arms, that'll make the circulation come back quicker. Either that or start crawling," Ray said. It took asian gallery nymphets five minutes but Hank slowly stood up. Ray smiled, then pointed. Hank walked over to Sam. "Yes Master." "Take the little nude nymphs vibrator out, and make it fast." Hank reached behind him and yanked the vibrating dildo out in one quick motion. "Good boy, now climb up and sit on the dildo. I want to see your ass on the table." "Yes Master," Hank said and was proudly sitting inside of two minutes. "Now lay down with your hands over your head. Ray, you take the feet." It took five minutes to secure and double check the restraints. "Now Hank, this is called a rack. Have you heard of this before?" Sam asked. "Yes Master, you turn a wheel and it pulls the limbs." "Very good, now I will turn the wheel three times and that's how you will spend the night. Now do you want me to leave any lights on?" Sam said. "Yes please, it doesn't have to be much Master, but I get afraid if it's pitch dark." Sam turned the wheel twice and turned away. Ray silently followed him. After changing Sam turned all but one light switch off. "Is that enough Hank?" Sam called. "Yes Master, thank you Master." "Let's go son," Sam said and led his smiling, proud son up the steps. For the next two hours Sam and Ray critiqued the videotapes from the dungeon while little nymphets illegal keeping one eye on Hank via the live monitor. Hank had actually fallen asleep quickly and was still vombat nymphets sun bbs except for his stiff, imprisoned, twitching cock. "I can't believe he seems so content Dad," Ray said. "You were son." Ray shook his head. "That's not fair though, my life compared to his." "I wasn't thinking about that, I meant emotionally. You both needed the discipline that being a slave imposes. The whorehouse imposed an order on your life for four years, to have lost that overnight would have been too much." Ray nodded. "Hank on the other hand has too much freedom. His father told me they've been leaving him home alone for weekends and even longer for four years now. I guarantee they don't give him any rules as long as he stays out of trouble with the law and gets good grades." "You're right, he's bragged about that a couple of times." Ray leaned back and watched Hank sleeping. Sam put his arm around his son's bare shoulders and brought him close. Ray looked up and their lips met in a long passionate kiss. Out of habit Ray's hands found Sam's crotch. "Take it out and suck it trainee," Sam whispered hoarsely. Ray slipped of the couch and knelt between his father's knees. Unzipping the fly he reached in and yanked the hardening man-sized rod out through the opening as his other hand worked to finish undoing the pants. Ray started licking the tip of the ten-inch tool with his tongue. Round and round the head it went until his lips were over the cock head and then he gently closed his lips around it. As he started working on the first four inches he wondered if when he was a full-fledged master in his own right if he would still suck his master's cock. As he reached the seven inch mark he knew the answer was yes. As his nose inhaled the musk from his father and master's pubic hair he couldn't imagine life without pleasing the man who had saved him. For his part Sam hoped he wouldn't lose his son as a lover. He knew that today marked a transition point in their relationship, but the boy was too great a sex partner to lose. After all, he had outbid three other men for the right to take him home. Sam leaned back and let Ray do all the work, and Ray was a master cock-sucker. Four times he was on the edge of filling the boy's mouth only to be stopped at the last possible moment. When Ray started up again after the fourth time Sam told him to finish it. Ray nodded his head, and slowed down. His father might be ready to shoot but he wanted to make it last some more. For another twenty minutes he slowly sucked the massive, throbbing penis barely contained by his talented throat and mouth. He sensed rather than felt the sperm start to make their way from the huge hanging balls, into the pedo sweet nymphets fucking base of Sam's cock, up the long tube. "Oh fuck yes, yes, yes," Sam shouted and filled Ray's stomach with a huge load of cum. After cleaning his father africian nymphets off and replacing the still large cock inside Sam's pants Ray climbed up on the couch. "What about tomorrow? Do you have to go to work?" Ray said. "I'm afraid so, couple of big meetings with clients and all. And they do have to be face- to-face, video conferencing won't do. But I'll go down with you and check on him before I leave. I'll put the stun collar on him and you'll keep the control in your vest pocket at all times. When you release him hold it in your hand and stay a yard behind him. nymphets underage pics Don't hesitate to use it." "Won't that mark him though?" "Only if you have to use it a lot. After the second time put him back on the rack and tighten it five turns. But I believe you won't need it at all. Finally, do pretenn nymphs not use the bander. As soon as I get home we'll do that. Now upstairs and get ready for bed." "Can I watch TV? It's not a school night." "Not too late, you have a big day tomorrow," Sam said. As Ray stripped and lay down on his bed he was positive he was so wired it would take forever to fall asleep. Next thing he knew the sun was shining into his windows and his Dad was shaking him awake. "Come on son, put your shorts on and let's check on Hank." "Shit, I was out of it, don't think I moved all night. Just cp models nymphets let me take a piss." Ray gave his father a kiss as nymphets tgp he ran into his bathroom. They nymphets bbs teens walked past the changing room ten minutes later and over to where to the rack. Hank's eyes opened as they approached. Sam's black leather shoes echoing on the hard floor. "Good morning boy. Did you sleep well?" Sam said. Hank tried talking but his throat was so dry he had to resort to nodding. "Good, Ray will get you something to drink in nymphets panties a little bit. First, Ray will you take all the tension off, one turn at a time." "Yes sir." Ray remembering that his father had promised three turns and had only done two. So he only did two-thirds of a turn at a time. "Done sir." "Better?" Hank nodded. "Now lift your head so I can put this collar on. Now you have to understand boy that this is a punishment device. I'm going to be leaving you alone with nn models nymphet Ray today. You do anything bad and he'll push the switch. Make him use it twice and you'll find yourself back on here with it turned to max and the only positive of that is you might end up as tall as me." Hank shook his head and tried licking his lips as Sam slipped the collar on. "I'll be good Master," he croaked. "I'm sure you will be, and I'm sure your parents will be pleased when I tell them what a good boy they have," Sam said and started cackling as he walked away with Ray following him. His parents, Hank hadn't thought about them since the whole thing started. He closed his eyes and started crying. He stopped, wondered if he'd cried because of the disappointment they'd feel if they found about his new life, or over having to go home at all. When he went down a half-hour later Ray placed two bowls on the floor near the rack. He showed Ray the collar's control. "Can I trust you?" Hank nodded. Ray thought he could trust him so he put the control in his vest. He unhooked Hank's legs and quickly put each ankle in a cuff that was attached to either end of a one foot chain. After releasing Hank's hands he helped him sit up before putting an identical set of cuffs on his hands. "Now I'm going to help you off the table. You're going to fall again like last night so that's why I left your breakfast bowls on the floor. Keep moving your legs as you eat and you'll be ready when you're done." Hank lapped at the water bowl for a minute, then turned to Ray. "Thank you Sir. I promise I'll be a good boy." Ray smiled and patted Hank's head. "I know you will." As he watched Hank eat, gobble the food and water was more like it, Ray decided he was glad he stayed in his soccer shorts instead of changing into his new leathers. When Hank finished eating he carefully wiped his face clean, then licked his fingers and after looking around nymphets erotic models for something to dry them on just turned his face up at Ray and smiled expectantly. "Stand," Ray said. It took three tries but Hank stood at attention in front of the trainee. Silently Ray attached the three pound weight to the cock ring and let it drop. Hank gasped, his knees started buckling, but he quickly recovered. Ray decided to work at his whipping nonnude litle nymphets so he had Hank walk over to where a large hook hung from the ceiling. He attached it to the handcuffs and raised Hanks arms well over his head. He picked up a cat-o-nine tails and went to work on Hank's back. For the rest of the morning and afternoon Ray tried all the various things he'd enjoyed being on the receiving end. By four in the afternoon Hank was up to six pounds hanging from his balls which were at least three inches lower than when they'd started. Twice Hank sucked Ray off. Ray worked on Hank's once, but the slave's nuts were so tied off it was impossible for him to cum. At 4:30 Ray checked the time and turned to Hank. "Master will be home soon. There's a shower in the changing room. Would you like to smell nice for him?" "And for you, boy smells like pig Sir." Ray pointed the way and Hank shuffled over. Once there Ray attached the cuffs to brackets on the wall. Move your feet back as far you can and spread them." When Ray was satisfied Ray picked up a rubber hose, pulled out the dildo in Hank's ass and started shoving the hose up the boy's nymphet top sites anus. He kept going until there was almost two-feet inside Hank. He then attached it a water spigot. "Hank, first part of getting clean is an enema. I'm turning the water lovely nymphets thumbs on now and it will feed into that sexy ass of yours. Tell me when you can't take any more." "Yes sir," Hank said as Ray turned the knobs. From experience Ray knew it took about ten minutes to really be full. He watched the clock and was impressed when Hank went past ten, twelve, all the way to sixteen minutes before gasping. "Sir, please." Ray had intended to give the new slave an extra minute but quickly turned the water off. "I'm going to pull the hose out now. Keep your butt cheeks clenched tight and don't let anything out. Or we'll have to start all over." "Yes Sir." Small drops kept seeping out but nymphette sex pics Ray decided not to be too hard on the rookie. "Sir, I can't hold it much longer, please Sir," Hank said fifteen minutes later. Ray bent down on Hank's left side and released that ankle, then pointed to a toilet off of the shower. "Hold young nymphets top it in till you're sitting and then let it all out. Get anything on the floor and you will pay for it." After releasing Hank's wrists he watched, with a combination of pride and annoyance, Hank move quickly and get there in time. Pride of a master watching a slave perform well. Annoyance, because he remembered the first time he'd had to lick up his own shit from that very floor. "I'm done Sir," Hank said five minutes later. "Did you wipe your ass boy?" "Yes Sir." "Then get your clean ass in here so you can wash the rest of your body." When Hank had returned Ray quickly reconnected the ankle to the cuffs. Ray undid one of the handcuffs on Hank's wrists. "The collar is waterproof, and even more painful when wet. Now take your shower." Watching Hank shower Ray hoped he wasn't making a mistake. No, he didn't think Hank would try to hurt him or escape. But, could something normal like showering bring back some of his independence? For sure the slave put on a hot show while showering. When Hank turned off the water Ray picked up a soft, large towel and began drying the boy off. "There are rewards for obedience as there are punishments for disobedience Hank. I hope to reward you more than punish you," Ray said then brought Hank's mouth to his. He thrust his tongue into the slave's mouth and found it hot and welcoming. He put his hand's on Hank's back and felt the new welts rising from the previously unblemished flesh. From the corner of his eye Ray saw his father with his fingers to his mouth. When their eyes met Sam pointed upstairs but then gave him a take your time signal. Ray returned a thumbs up. The kiss lasted another minute. When they broke the two teenaged boys looked into each others eyes and smiled at each other. Hank put his hands out in front of him. "Not yet, I've got to go get ready for supper, then I'll bring you yours while Master gets ready. Now walk to the back." Along the back wall there were a couple of cots and Ray told Hank to lay down on one. He took the empty manacle and attached it to a bar bolted into the wall. "Rest boy, there are more new treats for you later." "Thank you Sir," Hank said and watched the younger boy walk away. Ray switched the lights off right over Hank but left the rest of them on. He knew Hank needed his rest for later. Twenty minutes later Ray had showered, dressed and was sitting at the kitchen table telling his father everything he'd done on his day off from school while they ate a dinner of Baked Scrod Oreganato, with sauteed broccoli and scalloped potatoes. "And how was your day father?" Ray asked when he was finished. "Got the contracts signed, and set some other deals in motion. We'll be able to have that vacation you wanted without any problem." "Great," Ray hesitated, "how did I do?" "Honestly?" "Please Master." "Probably better than I would have. I've never developed a boy that young from scratch. Your attitude probably made it a lot easier on him. Though I was a little nervous when I saw you kissing him with his hands unchained." "I know I took a couple of chances today, but I always held onto the collar's control and besides, you know, I just felt." Sam laughed gently at his son. "Yeah, I know. Now take him his supper and then change. I'll be down in a few minutes. Hank finished eating and cleaning himself as Sam and Ray entered the chamber in their leathers. He rose to his feet unsteadily and came as close to attention as the restraints permitted him. "I hear you were a good little boy today," Sam said. "Thank you Master," Hank said. Sam nodded and pulled a metal tool from his vest pocket and showed it Hank. The large device looked like a special type of pliers. "This is an Elastrator or elastic castrator, it was invented by ranchers to castrate bulls that wouldn't behave," Sam said. "I'll behave Master, I swear I'll behave." little nymphetes There was fear and pleading in Hank's eyes. Sam patted his cheeks. "Don't worry, I don't want to castrate you," Sam started to turn nymphet child model away and then looked back at Hank. "Yet." With that Hank lost control and started pissing all over himself and the floor. His eyes darting between Sam, Ray and the mess he was making as his bladder emptied. Ray threw a towel at Hank. "Now clean up the floor and yourself, and make it snappy boy." Hank felt relief and quickly dried himself and the floor. He stood holding the wet towel, not knowing what to do with it until Ray pointed out a pail. "Thank you Sir," Hank said when he was back at attention. "Trainee, remove the weights." "Yes Master." Hank yelped when his stretched balls were suddenly free and were bouncing against his groin. Ray grabbed Hank's swinging balls and gently rubbed them with his right hand. He brought his left in front of Hank's eyes. It held the Elastrator, at the tip was a green rubber band. Ray stretched the band to its largest size and locked the tool. He let go of Hank's balls and put the band below them and raised it until it was above them. Ray released the lock and slowly closed the pliers till the tips were a half-an-inch apart. "I'm ready to release it Master," Ray said. "Let me check it before you finish securing it," Sam said. "Yes master." Ray knew his father was right. Sam examined it and nodded. "Release it." Ray did and the band slipped into place with a slight pop. "No," Hank said and fell to his knees, his chained hands clutching his crotch. For a moment he was afraid he was going to pass out from the pain. Afraid of how his masters would react to this show of weakness. He put his hands on his knees and took deep breaths. Finally he stood. "Now I want to see how you used the cat before," Sam said. "Yes Master. Slave, that way, and no noise." Hank followed Ray's finger, surprised at how much the bander was bothering him, Yet he was able to follow orders. He found pride in remembering the way back to where the hook hung waiting for him. Lifting his arms up he was able to hook the chain between his wrists by himself. Ray examined it and ran his nails down the still red back. "Very good slave, as a reward you get some extra time with the cat." "Thank you Sir," Hank said, and found he meant it. He'd both pleased his master and was getting more of something that, incredibly, he wanted. As he hung there, toes inches off the ground, he felt the cat's nine tails snap against every inch of his back. As much as it hurt he tried not to make any sounds. If for no other reason than the pussy girl sweet nymphet only thing he wanted in his mouth was a cock. Gradually the increasing pain in his nuts drew his attention away from his back. Now even when Ray took a break to get some tips from the master he whimpered from the pain that was building. "Shall we go up and get something to drink?" Sam said. "Sure Dad." Ray said and they left Hank hanging there, his balls turning a darker shade of blue all the time. Upstairs Ray sat at the table and slowly turned his glass of root beer, only occasionally taking a sip. "The longer you take the longer he hangs there," Sam said. Ray shrugged. "Dad, I've never had a virgin.. Can I fuck him first?" Sam emptied his glass. The norm was the master got the cherry, but for some reason it seemed important to his son. And for more than never having had a virgin before. "OK son, this one time you can have the cherry. Besides, you'll loosen him up for me and I won't have to waste time with lube." Ray smiled, "thanks Dad, I love nymphet shots you. Let's go." Ray said. He gulped down the rest of his soda and headed to the steps. By the time Sam got to underage black nymphets the changing room Ray had already changed back into his leathers. "You are excited," Sam said. Ray blushed, "I am, I know it's a little silly, but this whole thing has been such a high and taking Hank's cherry is like the biggest rush." Sam hugged his son. "It may have been a long time, but I do remember son." "Thanks Dad." "Now, do you want to loosen him up on the bull first or go straight for the fuck?" "The bull, I've never seen anyone on it." "What?" "Dad, I've ridden it a million times but you've never been on it and you never let me watch you and nymphets clip your friends." "Is this a week for firsts or what? Come on, Hank's been hanging around long enough," Sam said as he slipped into his vest. Sam held Hank steady as Ray lowered him to the floor and unhooked the chain. "Easy boy, I won't let you fall, just ukrainian nymphets top shake your legs." "Thank you Master," Hank rasped. "Ray, a cup of water." "Yes Master," Ray said and ran back to the changing room. Back on steady legs Hank gulped the first half of the cup and then sipped the rest while his breathing returned to normal. "Thank you Master. Your slave thanks you." "As you have been told, behave and do as you are told and you will be rewarded. Disobey and the punishment will be severe. No matter where you are, no matter when it is, my son and I are always the masters of your body and soul. Do you understand." Hank knelt and bowed his head. "Your slave knows his soul, body, his very life is in your hands my masters." Ray looked at his father. The only times he had ever said phrases like that was when they were given to him. Without turning nymphet sites from Hank Sam just motioned him to relax, everything was fine. Ray remained concerned, but his faith in his father relaxed him. "Rise Hank, we have new treats for you tonight," Sam said. They made an odd procession on the way back to bucking bull. The young trainee, the new slave and the old master. Though you wouldn't sit for a week if you called Sam Charger an old anything. Hank stood at attention as Ray attached a dildo to the saddle that was slightly smaller than his own cock. Sam checked Hank's balls. There was still plenty of time before the bander absolutely had to be removed. Left on too long the loss of blood caused permanent damage. Ray unhooked the chain from both ankle cuffs. "Up you go boy. You know where to sit." "Yes Sir," Hank said with a smile. Once on the saddle Ray hooked each cuff to the bull and the chain between the cuffs to the saddle horn. "Set the timer for five minutes," Sam said after he checked everything. It took about fifteen seconds for the bull to start bucking at full speed. Hank was glad that he was attached to the machine because he would have flown off almost at once. His primary concern though as the extreme motion sickness he usually got on amusement park rides. Even merry-go-rounds upset his stomach. But he couldn't throw up now, he thought, his masters would be upset. Plus he knew he'd have to lick it up. "Dad, how did he know to say that?" Ray said as they watched. "There are lots of regular books and movies where main characters pledge their loyalty and lives to their kings, or somebody like that. The brain, being the tricky devil that it is released exactly the right memory at exactly the right moment." "Made me feel weird," Ray said as the one minute left bell sounded. When the bull stopped moving Hank lowered his head and took long, deep breaths. "Motion sickness, never put him on it right after he eats," Sam whispered to Ray. Ray nodded and released the boy. "Your stomach OK?" Hank nodded, still breathing deeply. "I didn't want to disappoint you Sir." "We're coming to the good part now." "I'm going to suck you Sir?" Hank said smiling. "Better," Ray said. "You're going to fuck me?" "Better, first I'm going to fuck you then your master is going to fuck you." Hank smile got bigger and he got off the bull. "Just head back to the rack, I don't think I have to chain your legs right now." Ray said and wrapped his hand around the collar control in his vest pocket. When they reached the rack Ray removed the dildo from the night before and threw it with the rest of the equipment to be cleaned. By the time he returned Hank was already on the rack with his hands and ankles tied to the head of the table so his pink, virgin ass was sticking up in the air. Ray climbed onto the table, took a condom from his father and put it on. "You see boy, safety first. You never let anybody fuck you without a condom, and you never fuck anybody without one. You do and it's the last time you will ever shoot." "I understand Sir," Hank said. Ray stood behind Hank and aimed his hard boy-tool at Hank's virgin hole. The knowledge that his cock was going where no man had gone before made him hotter nymphet gymnist than he'd ever been. He carefully aimed and lowered his leaking rod to and into the entrance. The various dildos and butt galeries nymphets plugs had done there jobs and he slipped right in until he made contact with Hank's sphincter. "Push out like you're taking a shit," Ray said. Hank nodded, took a deep breath and pushed gently and Ray slipped the rest of his four inches into Hank's anus. Shaven groin met shaven ass and the two boys smiled at each other. Ray held his position for a couple of minutes and then started slowly stroking his already throbbing cock in and out of Hank's tight ass. "Oh yeah boy, you've got one hot ass and it is driving me crazy," Ray said. Slowly he picked up speed, wanting it to last but knowing it wouldn't, couldn't. Grabbing both ankles he started pounding Hank's ass in harder, shorter and faster strokes. "Oh shit, oh fuck I'm going to fill your ass nymphets preten with my seed." "Yeah, pound your slave's ass Sir. Fuck me hard," Hank moaned. "You got it slave boy," Ray said and pounded even harder. "I'm going to fill your ass now," Ray screamed and shot his load. Four, five shots of boy juice erupted from Ray's loins and into his condom. When he finally finished shooting he leaned forward and kissed Hank hard. Only when the kiss ended did he pull out. Then he carefully slipped the rubber off and emptied it all over Hank's sweaty chest. "Now my slave, it is time for the master to fuck your gorgeous ass," Ray said and slipped off the table. Father handed son his shorts. "Was it good?" "Find out for yourself Dad," Ray said and winked. Sam climbed up behind Hank and smiled at the bound boy. Hank's sweat stained skin stretched tight against his muscled frames. "What do you see slave?" "The biggest cock I've ever seen Master?" "Damn fucking right boy, that's ten-inches of rock hard, latex covered man meat. Almost a foot of steel ready to plow up your pretty butt. And I don't give a flaming fuck if you're ready or not." With that Sam spread Hank's cheeks and drove all ten inches into Hank's bung in one fast drive." "Oh shit," Hank screamed. "Oh yeah boy, you've got one hot ass. My boy may have been your first fuck but you are going to remember this." Tears of pain streamed down Hank's face and he knew his ass was torn and bleeding. There was only one thing he could think to say to his master. "Fuck your slave Master, do to me as you will." Ray's jaw dropped as Sam smiled and started slowly stroking his massive tool in and out of the fifteen-year-old's ravaged ass. In and out he drove his cock while Hank moaned from pain and ecstasy. Sam watched Hank's cock twitch and spasm, struggling to do the impossible, and shoot a load. Picking up his speed he checked the slave's balls, it was just about time to remove magig nymphets pics the band constraining Hank's ball. Sam also knew there was a limit as to how long Hank could redheaded nymphets take his cock the first time. "Ray, get the knife ready," he called. Ray picked up a small knife and straddled Hank's heaving chest. Carefully he slipped the knife under the bander. "Ready Dad." "Hold on son," Sam said and started his final assault. "Oh shit, Hank I'm going to fill your ass now," Sam screamed. Ray cut the band and slid off. The blood rushed back into Hank's tortured balls. "Oh hell," Sam screamed. "Fuck!" Hank screamed even louder. Ray just watched the two shaking men on the rack. Suddenly there was a loud snap and Hank's left foot came flying forward. "Dad, his leg's free." Sam looked up just in time and snapped his right arm up and grabbed Hank's ankle an inch from his face. Hank's face turned pale and started shaking as Sam pulled out and laid the leg on the rack. Sam saw the fear and slowly leaned forward, a smile crossing his face. "I'm sorry Master," Hank mumbled. Sam, kept lowering his face until they were eye-to-eye. Hank was crying Sam saw and his smile got wider. The boy was theirs no matter what. He leaned closer, and kissed Hank hard on the little innocent nymphet usa lips, forcing his tongue down the boy's throat. As they kissed Ray walked over and released Hank's other leg and gently lowered it. "Hank, did you break the strap on purpose?" Sam said softly. Hank shook his head violently, too scared to speak. "If it was an accident is there any reason for me to punish you?" "I broke the table." "We will only punish you for something you meant to do. Like disobeying orders or striking back. These things will happen. Now you are one great fuck and for that we will not tighten the wheel when it's bedtime." "Thank you Master," Hank said and sank back on the table. Sam climbed off and took the cold can of beer Ray held out to him. "Thanks son. Anything else you want to do tonight." "Has he earned the right to cum?" "Earned it, yes. But look at his balls, they're still dark blue from the bander. Tomorrow morning will be better. Some time on the milking machine or did you have something else in mind? "Both," Ray said. "That's my boy. Now tie the slave up for the night, I'll wait for you in the kitchen." "Do you want anything to drink before I strap you in for the night?" Ray said. "Yes please, some water." Ray came back with a full glass. "Put your legs on the table." Ray put the glass on a shelf and tied Hank's legs before releasing his hands and helping him sit up. Once Hank was stable he handed him the cup. "Thank you Sir," nymphet free bbs Hank said and returned the empty cup. "Hank," Ray said. "Sir, please don't say you're sorry." Ray shook his head, "I won't, it would be a lie anyway. No what I want to say is that you've been a better slave then I ever hoped. Even Dad's pleased." "Thank you Sir," Hank said and laid down on the rack, extending his arms over his head. Quietly Ray fastened and double checked the bands. He walked back to Hank's head and gave the boy a quick kiss on the forehead. "Sleep well, you've earned it." In the kitchen Ray looked up at the man with many roles in his young life. There were times like now when he didn't know which of them was dominant. The role of father was always there, no matter what they were doing. Just as there was no way Ray could look at him as a customer, or even as his owner again. "Strip," Sam said. Ray started by rubbing his exposed belly as he gyrated his hips. First he pulled off the ripped gym shirt and then slowly started lowering his soccer shorts. He saw his father's excitement building. Fully naked he spun around his father, rigid boy-cock pointing the way. Suddenly and effortlessly Sam picked his son up and threw him over his shoulder. Ray lay there as his father carried him nymphet fuck list up the stairs and into the master bedroom. Sam stepped to the foot of the king sized bed then flipped Ray so he spun in the air and landed on his back with his head on the pillow. For the next few minutes the son watched the father do a slow strip of his own. When nude Sam crawled up the bed and took his young lover in his arms. Their lips, tongues, bodies met in a hot, soulful kiss that reminded both of them the other was his first true love. "Fuck me Daddy," Ray said finally. "Oh yeah sonny boy, Daddy wants to fuck that cute ass of yours real good." Sam leaned over and grabbed a condom out of the night table and quickly slipped it on his hard cock. Ray raised his legs over his head exposing his well used rosebud. He wasn't as loose as he was back in his whore days but it still took someone as big as Sam to fill him, make him feel good inside. Sam looked down at the winking opening, grateful that Ray liked it the way he did, dry. With one hand he guided his cock to the opening and slowly entered boy cunt heaven. Hank, basically still a virgin, had been a nice tight fit. But he'd never met any man who knew how to work his ass like Ray did. If he wanted Ray could work his ass muscles and get him to shoot at whatever speed Ray felt like. But tonight Sam wanted a long slow fuck as he slipped past Ray's sphincter and felt crotch meet ass. After twenty minutes of Sam's large, throbbing rod rubbing his prostate Ray shot his load all over his chest and face. Sam kept going until Ray's breath evened out. Without pulling out he flipped the boy into doggie position and started picking up speed. At first he switched to shorter, faster strokes and then lengthened them again. Suddenly Ray twitched his ass muscles and Sam shot his load, he stopped counting after six volleys into his rubber. Sam pulled out and rolled over onto the bed pulling Ray next to his sweaty chest. "I love you Ray." "I love you Dad." Sam picked his head up and saw it was almost 10:30. Seeing Ray still sleeping he was about to put his head down when he remembered Hank. That Hank had been hooked to the rack for at least twelve hours. He turned over and picked up the remote control. In minutes he was looking at a split screen of the area where the rack was. On the left was an infrared picture of the boy. Hank's ass was still showing red from the rough fucking he'd gotten. Of more concern to Sam was the hot spots around the bonds and around the boy's shoulders. The right side was a normal picture and Hank was definitely uncomfortable. Maybe the red zone around his ass was his efforts not to shit himself rather than the aftermath of the nights activities. "Ray, get up," Sam shouted shoving the boy. "Too early." "Now, you've got to release Hank before he injures himself." "Oh shit," Ray said and jumped out of bed and headed for the door. Sam smiled at the sight of his son's ass. "Ray, bathroom, clean your ass out and get some shorts on first." Ray reached his nymphets backdoor left hand behind and took a wipe at his crack. "I was hoping for another one this morning." "Clean him up and bring him up to the kitchen. Wrist and ankle restraints and a leash," Sam said to a departing back. "Bathroom, please," were Hank's first words at seeing Ray. Ray released the bonds and helped Hank to his 121314yearold nude nymphets feet. "Can you walk on your own?" "No, Sir. Please help me Sir." "Fine, here let me put your arm around my shoulder and let's go. But you better hold it in or you'll be licking it up till the sweet nymphets pussy floor's spotless." Ray waited until after the slave showered before attaching the restraints and leash. "Where are we going Sir?" "Upstairs for breakfast. Be careful on the stairs. Put one foot on the next step and put the other one next to it. Try climbing them normally and you'll end up falling." When the two teens reached the kitchen they saw the table had been set for three. One of the chairs however was metal and had bars along both sides. Sam pointed at it. "That's your chair slave. Are you left or right-h